Thursday, November 15, 2007

November' Meeting for 11-23-2007

Hello Everyone,

Your VP here, Albert. Just wanted to give quick heads-up on November's meeting. This month's meeting shall be held on NOVEMBER 23, 2007 at my place 79990 Bermuda Dunes Dr. Bermuda Dunes CA 92203.
The front gate entrance is located at the intersection of 42nd Ave. and Adams St. I can be reached at (760) 835-2470. Mikah our President can be reached at (760) 449-0827

Bring your homebrew, don't worry we'll drink it. Bring a dish, too. Let's make it a potluck! I know I'll have plenty of left-overs.

I apologize for having the meeting the day after Thanksgiving, but I figure: It's the day after Thanksgiving! What are you doing Friday night? Still shopping? At the movies? Sitting at home watching tv eating left over turkey? The day's done, the week's done, Come on over.

Let the guard at the front gate know you're here for the Coachella Valley Homebrew Club meeting; and say it with authority. We want everyone to know who we are. Let's spread the word, "WE'RE HERE FOR BEER!"

Our President Mikah has informed me that Club T-shirt's are on the way. They're limited editions, one of a kind, and stylish (could be worn at just about any event), and at a mere $15.00. What a bargain!


Now, on a more serious note. We've held-off this month's meeting for various reasons. Mostly.... I must confess......well .....we were out of homebrew! But wait now. In the mean time, I've wipped up a batch of a Beer, Beer, And More Beer Pale Ale kit. But with a cultured yeast strain from an ABT 12 bottle purchased at
Vino 100 in Cathedral City. And it's cask conditioning in a 2.5g "Corney" just for you to try at this month's meeting.

All we ask in return is a bottle of your finest homebrew. And if that can't be done, then how about a bottle of your next finest.

A possible change in the future club meetings. Usually, we hold meetings on the second Friday of the month. But Mikah and I propose a move to every third Friday of the month.

December's meeting would be on the 21st at Mikah's house and on January 18th, 2008 we're penciled in for Vino 100. In February my place is open again. If you've got any ideas on times and places that we could also meet, please give us some feed back.

I'll see you at the meeting.