Thursday, December 27, 2007

December's Homebrew Club Meeting

Hello All,

This is your VP Albert once again and now at the end of December, have decided to send out a courtesy message to everyone. Just wanted to remind everyone that there wasn't a home brew meeting this month. I'm sure you can understand. With all the holidays and New Year's coming up and all the tree decorating, present wrapping, and oh.......... It's the end of the month......damn it! Gotta get rid of the dead tree in my living room and throw out all that torn wrapping paper, boxes, etc.

Anyhow, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Enjoy your home brew and don't forget to share.

We all have our President, Micah, in our thoughts and wish him and his family well.

You're in our prayers Micah.

So far we will be meeting the third Friday in January at 7:30pm. Be on the look out for the new post for location.

And on a final note...........well that was it.

See ya next month/year!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

November' Meeting for 11-23-2007

Hello Everyone,

Your VP here, Albert. Just wanted to give quick heads-up on November's meeting. This month's meeting shall be held on NOVEMBER 23, 2007 at my place 79990 Bermuda Dunes Dr. Bermuda Dunes CA 92203.
The front gate entrance is located at the intersection of 42nd Ave. and Adams St. I can be reached at (760) 835-2470. Mikah our President can be reached at (760) 449-0827

Bring your homebrew, don't worry we'll drink it. Bring a dish, too. Let's make it a potluck! I know I'll have plenty of left-overs.

I apologize for having the meeting the day after Thanksgiving, but I figure: It's the day after Thanksgiving! What are you doing Friday night? Still shopping? At the movies? Sitting at home watching tv eating left over turkey? The day's done, the week's done, Come on over.

Let the guard at the front gate know you're here for the Coachella Valley Homebrew Club meeting; and say it with authority. We want everyone to know who we are. Let's spread the word, "WE'RE HERE FOR BEER!"

Our President Mikah has informed me that Club T-shirt's are on the way. They're limited editions, one of a kind, and stylish (could be worn at just about any event), and at a mere $15.00. What a bargain!


Now, on a more serious note. We've held-off this month's meeting for various reasons. Mostly.... I must confess......well .....we were out of homebrew! But wait now. In the mean time, I've wipped up a batch of a Beer, Beer, And More Beer Pale Ale kit. But with a cultured yeast strain from an ABT 12 bottle purchased at
Vino 100 in Cathedral City. And it's cask conditioning in a 2.5g "Corney" just for you to try at this month's meeting.

All we ask in return is a bottle of your finest homebrew. And if that can't be done, then how about a bottle of your next finest.

A possible change in the future club meetings. Usually, we hold meetings on the second Friday of the month. But Mikah and I propose a move to every third Friday of the month.

December's meeting would be on the 21st at Mikah's house and on January 18th, 2008 we're penciled in for Vino 100. In February my place is open again. If you've got any ideas on times and places that we could also meet, please give us some feed back.

I'll see you at the meeting.

Monday, October 1, 2007

October Meeting / Brew Day

Our next get together will be Sat Oct 13th at Micah's House at 4pm(map attached). We will be brewing a batch of beer and everyone is encouraged to bring their own gear if they like and we can have several batches going at the same time.. I was thinking about a Belgian strong ale with date sugar and we could bottle half and keg half and set the keg aside for the cal homebrew festival and hold onto the bottles for club meetings and events.
We will also be eating so if you could bring a dish or some snacks that would be great. I will be smoking a pork shoulder so there will be plenty of pork for some BBQ pork sandwiches..
Any questions or suggestions! Call me.. Micah 760-449-0827

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Club Logo

Here is a new sketch of a t-shirt logo...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

T-Shirt Ideas

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will posting some ideas for T-Shirt designs. Please feel free to comment on your favorite design or give ideas. Better yet, submit your own. We will use the most popular design for the T-Shirts..

This logo could be a small logo on the front breast area.

Ideas For the Back. We can use any saying for any design.

Skyscraper Brewing Co Open House

Free Food and Drink!

Backstreet Brewery Pics

Here is a slideshow of some pictures from the Backstreet Brewery event on July 14.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Club Competition

The Club Competion is getting close so dont forget to get your beer brewed for the 1st ever Coachella Valley Homebrew Club Competition. The beer will be Judged during the July Meeting so you have 1 month to order your kit and brew it up. The rules are simple and the competition is very informal.

1. Everyone brews the exact same kit. No putting your own special twist. The only twist allowed is your brewing system. The only beer allowed is the American Ale kit from more beer. You can brew the extract version KIT135 or the all grain version KIT435. Only use white labs cal ale yeast WLP001. This is a generic pale ale kit that should provide some fantastic results. Order your kit now so you don't fall behind and remember orders over $60 ship FREE. It's worth it to spend the money.

2. The competitors are the Judges. Only people who enter the competition will be allowed to Judge the beers. Judging will take place during the July Meeting.

3. Beer has to be brewed before June 15th to allow for brewing, fermentation and proper aging.

4. The number of bottles you have to submit for Judging will depend on the # of people who enter. The more people that enter the more beer you will have to give up for Judging. You can still keg your beer but you will need to bottle a couple of samples for the competion.

5. The winner will receive some cool prizes yet to be determined. More than likely it will be beer related.

6. Questions?? Feel free to ask. Email or respond to this post.

SCHF '07

The Southern California Homebrew Festival is over and a great time was had by all. In all there were 24 homebrew clubs pouring beers this year with anywhere between 4(us) and 40(maltose falcons) beers on tap at a time at each bar. Lew Bryson and Mitch Steele gave informative presentations about IPA's and Bug Beers. Music was provided by blues guitarist Eric Sardinas and The Maltose Falcons Brews Bands. Next year should be even better as we now know how to better prepare ourselves for this yearly event. Enjoy the pics from the event.

SCHF '07 Picture Slide Show

Friday, March 23, 2007

CVHBC on The Brewing Network

Big thanks to Justin at The Brewing Network for giving the club a mention on his weekly Homebrewing Radio Show. The show airs every Sunday night at 5PM pacific time. Log onto to join in on the fun. This show was specifically about starting and running a homebrew club and it is worth listening to. You can find show archives on the TBN page or on itunes. Click the link below for a short clip where he mentions the club. The funny part is that they think Hisperia is close!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

April Meeting Finalized

I have confirmed a meeting place for the April Meeting. We will once again be meeting at Vino 100 in Cathedral City. Jim was nice enough to have us back and this meeting is sure to be the best so far. We will be having a BAD BEER TASTING! and this is something you will surely not want to miss. We will have a flight of beers in front of us each with a common off flavor that you will find in homebrews. Become a better taster and a better homebrewer with this knowledge. This will be the last meeting before the Southern California Homebrew Festival so plans will be finalized here. So come out and enjoy the company of other homebrewers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Guidelines for Doctoring Beers

For the next meeting we are going to have a bad beer tasting. Here is a list of products to simulate off flavors found in homebrew. Leave a comment if you have any of the ingredients needed to make a batch of bad beer. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have almost everything we need to make each bad beer. I am on the lookout for Banana Extract, Dry Sherry, Vodka and Iso Hop Extract.. Please leave a comment if you can provide any of these flavorings.

New Calendar

There is a new Google calendar on the right side of the page. This calendar will be updated with all types of brewing events related to the Coachella Valley. If you would like to add to the calendar please submit your event to

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

March Club Meeting

Fellow Brewers,

As March nears it's time to finalize next month's meeting. This meeting will be held at a fellow brewers(Albert) home in Bermuda Dunes on March 9th at 7:30PM. He lives in the Bermuda Dunes Country in Bermuda Dunes. This is located at Adams and 42nd. 42nd is also known as Hovley in Palm Desert. There is a gate at the country club so just mention "Coachella Valley Homebrew Club" You may have to give a name but they will have you in their system.. If a new member is going to attend please give me their name in advance.. Once you enter the club take your first left on Bermuda Dunes Drive and travel to the end of the street.. It is the last house on the left.. The address is 79990 Bermuda Dunes Drive. Feel free to call me on my cell if you have trouble.. Micah - 760-449-0827

At this months meeting we have several things lined up to do and talk about.
1. Beer
2. Beer
3. and more Beer
4. Albert will be brewing a beer on his 3-tier system
5. We will be talking and tasting beer in the Style of Bock (Mai Dopple Eis Weissen) all types..
6. "Hop Smelling".. So bring some hops to smell, the more the merrier and you will be able to take them back home - they are only for smelling..
7. Finalizing plans for the S. Cal Homebrew Fest at Vail Lake May4-5th..
8. Also I would like to decide as a group future meeting places and beer styles for each month
9. Cool gadgets- If you have a gadget you would like to show off - Bring it - even if its not that great we would love to see it.