Monday, May 7, 2007

Club Competition

The Club Competion is getting close so dont forget to get your beer brewed for the 1st ever Coachella Valley Homebrew Club Competition. The beer will be Judged during the July Meeting so you have 1 month to order your kit and brew it up. The rules are simple and the competition is very informal.

1. Everyone brews the exact same kit. No putting your own special twist. The only twist allowed is your brewing system. The only beer allowed is the American Ale kit from more beer. You can brew the extract version KIT135 or the all grain version KIT435. Only use white labs cal ale yeast WLP001. This is a generic pale ale kit that should provide some fantastic results. Order your kit now so you don't fall behind and remember orders over $60 ship FREE. It's worth it to spend the money.

2. The competitors are the Judges. Only people who enter the competition will be allowed to Judge the beers. Judging will take place during the July Meeting.

3. Beer has to be brewed before June 15th to allow for brewing, fermentation and proper aging.

4. The number of bottles you have to submit for Judging will depend on the # of people who enter. The more people that enter the more beer you will have to give up for Judging. You can still keg your beer but you will need to bottle a couple of samples for the competion.

5. The winner will receive some cool prizes yet to be determined. More than likely it will be beer related.

6. Questions?? Feel free to ask. Email or respond to this post.

SCHF '07

The Southern California Homebrew Festival is over and a great time was had by all. In all there were 24 homebrew clubs pouring beers this year with anywhere between 4(us) and 40(maltose falcons) beers on tap at a time at each bar. Lew Bryson and Mitch Steele gave informative presentations about IPA's and Bug Beers. Music was provided by blues guitarist Eric Sardinas and The Maltose Falcons Brews Bands. Next year should be even better as we now know how to better prepare ourselves for this yearly event. Enjoy the pics from the event.

SCHF '07 Picture Slide Show